Netwerk- en kennisbijeenkomsten

Voorbereidende trainingen, netwerkbijeenkomsten en beurzen zijn ideaal voor ondernemingen en ondernemers die succesvol (willen gaan) importeren uit China en andere landen in Azië. In deze kalender treft u de belangrijkste actuele netwerk- of kennisbijeenkomsten aan.

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Intensive training and supplier-selection

How to be succesful in the Chinese Food Market

Faced with the challenges of food security and a fast growing middle-class, China has become one of the world’s most attractive markets for foreign food products with an average growth of 10% per year. The consumption of high quality food from foreign countries has become a trend despite its higher prices.

While it is not easy to conquer this market, this training aims to provide answers to some important questions. What kind of tastes do Chinese consumers like? Which packaging design do they prefer? What will be the trend in food consumption in the coming years? How to promote your products to Chinese consumers? What do you need to pay attention to with regards to quality control, inspection and customs declarations?

Specialists from China, as well as from CCIC Europe (China Certification & Inspection Group Europe B.V.) and Schouten Global will share their expertise. At the same time, some trainers will select Dutch food suppliers for their own import company and/or their import and distribution network in China.

Date and location of the training

15 April 2014, 9:00-17:00 hours
Schouten Global, Van Heemstraweg-west 5, 5301 PA Zaltbommel


- Members of the NCH China Chamber and : 395 euro per person.
- Participants to Sial Shanghai exhibition via NCH: 395 euro per person.
- Holland International Food Platform: 395 euro per person.
- Non-members: 595 euro per person.

The above fees do not include VAT.


You may register for this training through the Extranet of the NCH: Intensive training and supplier-selection: The secrets of success in the Chinese food market.

Questions on registration? Please contact Mr. Rob Meijer: or 070¬3441590;

Questions on the program? Please contact Ms. Jennifer Zhang: or 041-8688558.